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Hello, everyone! Nice to see you again! A family is a fundamental social group in society, typically consisting of parents, their children and other relatives. All over the world, family is priority, and as a family member, it’s important to know how to call the rest of the members. In today’s LiveMandarin, we will learn how to call your family members in Mandarin / Chinese.



简 / 繁 Pinyin English Audio *
爸爸 bà ba father
妈妈 / 媽媽 mā ma mother
哥哥 gē ge elder brother
弟弟 dì di younger brother
姊姊 jiě jie elder sister
妹妹 mèi mei younger sister
爷爷 / 爺爺 yé ye grandpa
奶奶 nǎi nai grandma
外公 wài gōng grandpa from mom
外婆 wài pó grandma from mom
叔叔 shū shu uncle
阿姨 ā yí aunt


【Supplementary Vocabulary】

简 / 繁 Pinyin English Audio *
兒子 ér zi son
女兒 nǔ ér daughter
孙子 / 孫子 sūn zi grand son
孙女 sūn nǔ grand daughter
外孙 wài sūn grand son (vs. grandparents from mom)
外孙女 wài sūn nǔ

grand daughter (vs. grandparents from mom)

侄子 zhí zi nephew
姪女 zhí nǔ niece



1. Please reading & pronouncing the following sentences in mandarin, and trying to write them down in pinyin.


Elder sister:



Younger brother:


Younger sister:

Elder brother:

Grandpa from mom:




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